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Oct 28

Written by: AIViet Admin
10/28/2008 4:34 PM

(1) Standard stock vector graphics in XAML format. We have used some free samples in the current code.

(2) Infragistics:

(3) Mobiform software (I would choose this over Chartfx's NON-WPF gauges)

WPF Grid:

(5) Nice WPF control suite (including WPF gauges):

(5.5) Very nice gauges:
They co-develop WPF Gauges with ActiPro above

(6) WPF Themes Library:
Good UI example:

(7) ZAM 3D:


(9) The Microsoft Health Common User Interface (CUI)
Some demo here:
Microsoft makes WPF widgets source code free (got to double check!) here:
Widget documentations:

(10) Nice summary of WPF tools:

Some of them are free. For example:
SWF2XAML: A Flash to XAML Conversion Tool
Converts Adobe/Macromedia Flash/SWF files to XAML. Current version supports shape conversion only (no animation or ActionScript).


Re: WPF Components: Something money can buy...

Why not come and check out Xtreme Solutions Inc for all your .NET, WPF, COM, Grid, & Sliverlight product.

By Xtreme Solutions Inc on   2/15/2009 1:15 PM
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