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Nov 2

Written by: AIViet Admin
11/2/2010 12:48 PM

Microsoft's PDC is an important software industry event for those who rely on Microsoft technology. It has just finished yesterday. The lower profile of Silverlight at the PDC has sparked many adverse speculations post the conference. In this acrticle, the author has reported that as compared to HTML5, Silverlight has been given a lower profile at the PDC. But I think the story has been reported out of context.

I heard you ask what context I am referring to. Phone… phone OS… Windows phone 7, that is it. Microsoft is very late to this rising market. The equation that Microsoft has bet on in order to catch up in the next 5 years is as simple as this:

Windows phone 7 = Silverlight + XNA

XNA is the Microsoft’s recommended game developing technology in C# for XBOX and Windows.

Since Silverlight is a subset of WPF: Silverlight = k * WPF where 0 < k < 1

Therefore, Windows phone 7 = k * WPF  + XNA

With the release of Silverlight 2, 3, and 4 within the last 2 years, the k factor is asymptotically approaching 1.

   Lim (k) = 1

year-> infinity

At the PDC, while there were 3 sessions on HTML5, there were 7 sessions on Windows Phone 7.

If you agree to my mathematical proof above, then you would agree to the conclusion that Silverlight has everything to do with WPF and Windows Phone 7. I have watched all the WPF but not Windows Phone 7 sessions at the PDC. However, my crystal ball tells me that the magic word Silverlight would pop out many times in all these Windows Phone 7 sessions.

Just to bring the point home, have a look at this PDC's session: WPF today and tomorrow. WPF and Silverligh march into the future in tandem.

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